A Flash Of Blue

They're always blue, and I can't figure out why.

There has to be a reason. It can't just be random. I thought maybe it was because they blend in with the sky, but that would denote some sort of evolutionary process… or even worse, intelligent design.

I can't process that. I don't think anyone could.

They sweep in from nowhere, they just whip by like large, immobile birds frozen with wingspan extended.

You never know when one is coming because they're silent… they cut through the air effortlessly… there doesn't even have to be a breeze so there's absolutely no warning.

There's just a flash of blue.

A flash of blue, and a child is gone.

It's just innocent behavior. They run toward the things. All they have to do is see one out of the corner of their eye and suddenly little shoes are beating the ground, small hands outstretched like… like when they're demanding a hug.

The things exploit this somehow. They whip past, and before you even see them, the children are off sprinting… wheeling madly toward… those things.

They don't wait for the children. They never stop moving, like vibrant, shimmering sharks that prowl the skies. They don't HAVE to stop, because one child always reaches them… grabs on… gets whisked away.

It doesn't matter how much you warn your son or daughter. You can scold, you can run practices, you can shriek until you're as blue as those things. Nothing matters. The minute a kid sees it, they want it.

"Look," they'll cry out, "it's getting away!"

Then they're gone.

We lost our little one, Daniel, very early on. We hadn't even heard there was anything wrong. It was just a normal day in the park and… and when we saw what Danny saw… we let him go to it.

We encouraged him to grab onto it.

How could we have known? THERE WAS NO WAY TO KNOW!!

They found his body broken and mangled… dangling from a tree branch miles away. I knew my wife wouldn't be able to identify the body without breaking down, but… I didn't do any better in the end.

It's just… it's just RANDOM. They get taken, they get bashed around like ragdolls, and they get left behind in the most disturbing and inexplicable places.

They're always blue.

I can't figure out how they can always be blue… never red, never green or yellow…

Just blue kites.

There was no way to know…

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